Introducing Dremtrigger

The Revolutionary Drum Trigger with Laser Precision and Onboard Sound Storage

Expand your creativity without any of the hassle.

Dremtrigger is designed with plug-and-play simplicity in mind. Drummers can quickly and easily get started with Dremtrigger, without the need for any specialized knowledge or tools. This allows musicians to focus on their creativity and performance, without being weighed down by technical difficulties or interruptions.

By all-in-one, we mean it. 

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Two Pads for Striking

Pads offer a unique playing experience for drummers, allowing them to trigger electronic sounds in a more intuitive and expressive way. With Dremtrigger, drummers can use their hands or sticks to play the pads, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for rhythm creation and sound design.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, the unique design of Dremtrigger's pads will inspire you to explore new sounds and push the boundaries of your drumming."

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Control at your fingertips

Focus on creativity and performance, knowing that the power to shape your sound with just your fingers."

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Load up to 16GB of 24bit samples and loops directly to DrēmTrigger with our free sample management software. 

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Onboard Processing

An embedded processor within DrēmTrigger does all the thinking for you. While most standard drum triggers require a separate drum module, this one already has one.  

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Use our software to load your own samples and loops directly to DrēmTrigger. The onboard rechargeable battery allows drummers to quickly setup and play whenever and where ever they want. 

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Add even more power to DrēmTrigger by using it as a USB MIDI Controller. Paired with programs like Ableton Live, unleash limitless creative possibilities by assigning actions, loops or one-shot sounds. 

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Laser Drum Trigger

A laser drum trigger doesn't come into contact with the drum head, which allows it to fully resonate without any interferance. 

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You spend too much time setting up your electronic gear only to use it a few times. 


Open up your world

Explore the endless possibilities drum triggers can bring to your sound.

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