10 Reasons Why You Must Use DrēmTriggers, Live.

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Over two years ago, my team and I began our design journey. Our goal: “Build A Better Drum Trigger”. This phrase, carved into paper and pasted onto the wall above my computer became the headstock for everything that I did moving forward.

What is it and why should you use this live?

Let’s be clear, you will have zero use for this if you’re not a drummer. That’s classification #1. We’ll dive into why we think DrēmTrigger is going to be shaping the drumming and music culture and why every drummer will need it.

1. Enhances Your Tone

For far too long, standard drum triggers have been used [incorrectly] by so many in the industry to the point that, no one REALLY knows how to use them properly. I mean, people know how to use hook them up and turn them on, but no one really knows how to make drum triggers sound good.

“We’re not in the business of replacing real drums with fake ones, we’re in the business of enhancing actual drums”.

DrēmTrigger will offer a continuously growing library of samples (pop, rock, electronic…basics) that are built much different than a standard drum sample. Think about it this way, if you want to enhance a piece of steak, do you douse it in artificial steak flavoring? or season it with a subtle amount of marinades?

2. Contactless

We’re contactless. Why? Because we are in the year 2017 and because technology. But also, our contactless-ness allows the drum to fully breathe when being used with DrēmTrigger.

3. You can hit this one

Yup, we said it. You can hit this. No one, no where, not now, not never, has come up with a trigger that you can actually hit! Why would you want this? Drummers have a need to be versatile, by adding a trigger that can enhance and change their tone AND by giving them two pads to hit as well, makes that one drum, “four” drums in one.

4. Control

We gave this bad boy a freaking screen…ON BOARD. Who does such a thing?! Well, we did. We did this because, well we thought drummers might want to program entire shows and have the control at their fingertips. The screen, just made sense.

5. Ease-of-use

It’s easier than your standard drum trigger, trust us. Our algorithms auto-calibrate the sensitivity to ensure that it’s picking up the actual hits of a drum. Our display ensures that it’s easy for drummers to touch and dial it in even more with a few simple presses.

6. Accuracy

When we talk about accuracy, we mean it. So when we lined it up against a microphone signal, it got something that was pretty fast and accurate. You’re looking at the red line, which is our 8kHz setting and is so close to looking like the 44.1kHz signal from the microphone, that it’s not even funny.


Was this a surprise? I think yes. Now you can finally direct link right into programs like, Ableton. Launch scenes, loops, tracks, actions….what more do you want from us?

8. Stand-Alone

But DrēmTrigger wouldn’t be complete without allowing drummers to use this completely independent of any interface, drum module or computer. Built with 4GB of memory, drummers can program their shows directly onto the device and win handsomely every show.

9. Multi-Layering

What is this feature and why do you need to have it? Let’s talk about dynamics. Do you always want the same sample playing no matter how hard or soft you’re playing the drum? If so, standard drum triggers are still being sold (somehow). With Multi-layering sampling, you can stack various samples on top of each other but only have the ones you want to hear trigger at the chosen velocity level. Let us thank the Lord in prayer.

10. Price

Right around the $450 mark. Which some might [incorrectly] assume is too much, but no no no, let’s just go ahead and start adding up the price of your standard drum triggers, modules, cables, samples, and time and see if that’s anywhere near $450. But if that’s still too pricey for you, then you MUST back our Kickstarter, which is launching in a few weeks, where DrēmTrigger can be had for the lowest price that will NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN!

At the end of the day, we all love great sounding drums and our goal is to make sure you hear them. DrēmTrigger is being finished up over the next couple months and will be complete for you maniacs to go banana's on them. Follow our journey on Instagram, Facebook and sign-up for our newsletter on our website!