Attaching DrēmTrigger 

  1. Unscrew the thumbscrew from the bracket 
  2. Remove the tension rod where DrēmTrigger is to be placed
  3. Thread the tension rod through the hole in the bracket
  4. Tighten tension rod and tune drum (if you use lug locks, place those now)
  5. Attach DrēmTrigger to bracket and lower to head of drum
    1. Trigger should be close but not touching drum head
    2. Tighten thumbscrew 

Auto-calibrating your Trigger

  1. Select Menu button until you see "+ | CAL" 
  2. Press the UP arrow
  3. Wait for Calibration to complete, usually 2-3 seconds
  4. Play like a boss

Adjusting Settings

Users can make adjustments to each pad and the IR within each scene
  1. Within a scene, select the pad or IR that you want to adjust
  2. Press the menu button to either Threshold or Sensitivity 
  3. Toggle to increase or decrease parameters
DrēmTrigger retains the last adjustment made; so you'll never lose your settings after powering the unit down.