Trigger your drums with DrēmTriggers contactless sensor.
Output either MIDI or through the 1/4" output.
Travel-friendly so you can be setup and ready to play in moments.
Use our software, LAUNCH, to drag and drop your samples directly to the device.
Edit your shows using our easy-to-use Launch software.


A different kind of drum trigger

Introducing, DrēmTrigger - a handheld drum trigger with two strikable pads, setup in seconds and expand how you play.  
  • Onboard digital processing
  • 16GB on-board memory
  • Two pads for you to strike
  • Contactless sensor
  • MIDI and Stand-alone
  • Lithium-Ion battery


Three products, in one

DrēmTrigger is a Drum Trigger, Pads and a Trigger module in one unit. The travel-friendly drum trigger can be easily setup to be used in seconds. Stop hauling loads of gear for a few moments. 

Tech Specs

  • 16GB of 24bit audio 
  • 2.4ms of latency 
  • MIDI
  • 1/4" Output
  • Onboard control 

Get DrēmTrigger setup in seconds


Launch your drumming to the next level

Using our software, LAUNCH, drag and drop your own samples directly to the device.